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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Preparing for the Casa Rosada

Growing up near NYC meant that we could trot in for things like New Year's and the Tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. Or the damned parades that I actually hated and to this day can never understand why people actually sit home listening to terrible singing by the likes of Kathy Lee Gifford. But I digress.
One year, a relative told me that a word resembling "uh-int" meant Happy New Year in Spanish. At the time I was desperate to learn Spanish because I believed that a) everyone in South America spoke Spanish and b) that I would become the dictator of Argentina, after watching "Evita" on Broadway as a little girl. I was so thrilled to know this litle bit of Spanish that on New Year's I went all around to people, saying UH INT UH INT in their faces, believing that I was saying Happy New Year in Spanish. And I couldn't figure out why my family kept laughing.
I mean we're talking like five or so. What did I know? But finally somebody thought I had a disability and bent down carefully at eye level and said:
"Can you talk?"
And I said "of Course I can talk, I'm just practicing to be the Dictator of Argentina!"
I will never forget that poor woman's face to this day. And I think my mother wet her pants.


Blogger Trucker Bob said...

Kathy Lee could sing? How did she ever find the time what with her humanitarian work.

Thanks for coming by, and Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous rivermomma said...

Ah, trucker bob! Your jokes are hysterical! That gorilla one was a riot. Sick!!! Great to see you!


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